Mobile App Development for Business

CommonTime are experts in providing mobile working solutions for companies worldwide. Our unique mobile app development platform, mDesign, enables organisations to take complex business workflows and turn them into feature-rich, cross platform mobile apps quickly and simply.

Making Business Mobile – See how we do it.

Process Centric Mobile App Development

By implementing CommonTime apps, you can improve productivity, reduce costs and take your business into the mobile world. With CommonTime it’s the process (your process) that defines the app, not the other way round.

Mobile App Development Platform

What Makes Us Different?

Unlike other mobile app development platforms, mDesign gives you total control of the entire app creation, deployment and user management process.

With mDesign, you don’t need complex coding skills to develop your cross platform apps. Our unique drag-and-drop development environment enables you to Make, Mobilise and Manage an infinite range of mobile business apps significantly faster than traditional development methods.

  • App Development Environment


    Create mobile apps quickly and easily with the mDesign drag and drop developer interface


    • – Powerful and intuitive developer interface
    • – Low code app development architecture
    • – Industry standard development tools


    • – Create apps 5x quicker
    • – Reduced app development costs
    • – Eliminate complex coding requirements
  • mobile app deployment


    Deploy cross-platform enterprise mobile apps to the widest possible user audience


    • – Cross platform flexibility as standard
    • – Customise styling using CSS and JavaScript
    • – Leverage all native device features


    • – Deploy cross-platform apps 80% cheaper
    • – Create fully branded apps
    • – Experience full app functionality
  • mobile application management and mobile device management


    Manage all your apps and users centrally to maximise efficiency and reduce costs


    • – Manage devices and users (MAM and MDM)
    • – Full remote update facility on all apps
    • – Integration with all leading data systems


    • – Reduce the admin burden of managing users
    • – Save time and money when upgrading apps
    • – Make users more flexible and productive

The Benefits

By using mDesign for your mobile application development requirements, you can develop apps 5x faster and up to 80% cheaper than traditional development methods.
Incorporating CommonTime apps into your mobile strategy will improve productivity, reduce costs, and help take your business processes into the mobile world.

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