21st Century Mobile Solutions For Police Forces

In 2018, Police forces across the UK are facing ever increasing pressure on their budgets, yet are expected to rapidly deploy and utilise the latest mobile communication solutions in order to achieve difficult targets. However, the cost of managing upgrades to ageing technology and recent changes within the mobile market now provide many Police forces with a choice.

This is encouraging forward-thinking Police forces to re-evaluate the use of legacy technology with the aim of finding more reliable, flexible and future proof alternatives.

In parallel, the exponential adoption of smartphones and their acceptance in the workplace has given rise to many mobile applications that are already being used by public and private sector organisations to deliver efficiency and improve business resilience.

CommonTime, a UK based software company with over 20 years of mobile application experience, is currently working in partnership with a number of key Police Forces, UK Fire and Rescue Services, NHS Trusts and Ambulance Services to deliver a ground breaking Intelligent communciation solution designed as a replacement or addition to existing channels.

CommonTime enables Police forces to reliably communicate with and mobilise resources in a more efficient manner. Utilising a plethora of truly mobile applications that meet the unique needs of UK Police forces.

How We Can Help Your Force

• Enable officers to spend more time policing than on paperwork via use of mobile forms

• Ensure mission critical information is available anytime to all personnel who require it

• A secure messaging solution to allow for essential information to be shared in seconds • Integration with back office systems and automated bot data retrieval capabilities

• Reduced IT costs as internal resources can manage and update your solutions

• Replace manual processes with automated workflows • Ensure your police force is fully mobile and efficient with a suite of integrated solutions. • Can use BYOD to reduce IT spend on new equipment.

A Pilot For You

A number of forward thinking emergency forces are adopting a pilot scheme with our solutions. A pilot which will allow them to cost effectively evaluate the ROI they can achieve from our mobile solutions.

We would be happy to discuss how a pilot would help you identify exactly how our solutions could meet your specific needs so please do contact us, see below’ and we will be happy to show you all of the benefits our suite of solutions can provide.

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