Introducing Clinical Messaging for Healthcare Teams

In healthcare settings, clinicians are at the frontline of delivering patient care and are under constant pressure to deliver exceptional levels of service, with limited resources and information. Existing communication channels deliver vital intelligence to these frontline teams and directly impact emergency response times, patient diagnoses, treatment pathways, medication decisions and more.

It is vital, therefore, that these channels are robust, dependable and efficient; in order to adequately support clinical staff. Any reduction in performance can disrupt patient services and dramatically increase clinical risk. Due to the continued reliance on ageing pager networks, this stability cannot be guaranteed. These factors are driving many healthcare staff publicly available messaging applications such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger between teams.

Contributing to a significantly increased risk from shadow IT, this trend demonstrates the need for a modern, secure instant messaging application for frontline staff. In fact, one in three clinicians currently favour unsanctioned alternatives to official Trust communication channels. This is why we’ve developed Clinical Messaging; to provide a secure, user-friendly replacement for the instant messaging apps currently used by frontline staff. In addition to replacing IM applications, Clinical Messaging will also enable auditable, two-way communication on a one-to-one, one-to-group or one-to-all basis, whilst providing familiarity to users.

Connecting Clinicians with Confidence

By replicating the benefits which popular consumer messaging systems provide - such as the exchange of media attachments, push notification alerts, and group conversations, Clinical Messaging provides a familiar user experience. This is complemented by a host of new features, including flexible hosting options, centralised audit logs and encryption of data both in transit and at rest. Together, this helps better protect sensitive patient data and accurately support clinical investigations.

Group chat functionality enables a continuous dialogue between members of a team, department or ward. Additionally, ad-hoc groups regarding a specific patient, issue or event can be created by any as the need arises. This means Clinical Messaging can adapt to the ever-changing needs of the modern healthcare environment.

Integration into third-party clinical systems means staff can instantly access key patient data without leaving the app, and can even extract conversations or attach them to a patient record. Insight gathered this way helps accurately measure patient treatment pathways and offers detailed care histories. With support for iOS and Android devices alike, Clinical Messaging works in tandem with BYOD policies or Trust issued devices to ensure a smooth adoption process in every care setting.

Ultimately, Clinical Messaging offers several benefits to healthcare organisations that replace a range of features previously provided by traditional pager technology and unregulated consumer messaging applications such as WhatsApp. These include:

  • Always on, two-way communication to help clinicians remain connected around the clock
  • Local profile & group options that allow staff to independently create and manage conversations
  • A secure environment on which to exchange multimedia content
  • Flexible hosting options that include a centralised messaging server & audit logs

Transforming Communication

Frontline clinical teams across the NHS face new challenges every day. Through the care they provide, these crucial people help change lives for the better, making it imperative that the technology and infrastructure supporting them is robust, adaptable and fast.

Clinical Messaging can instantly improve the standard of communication across entire sites and provides care teams confidence in any situation. Information can be relayed between staff in any location, at any time – improving emergency reactions and patient centric care.

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