CommonTime are pleased to announce the launch of First Response, a mobile application that empowers community lifesavers with real-time data that supports the vital work they do. Available on iOS and Android, the app directly integrates into existing CAD software and staff workflows to reduce response times and administrative work alike.

Andrew Brinkworth, Head of Operations at CommonTime, highlights why First Response will be a game-changer for emergency services,

“First Response is a new breed of CFR app that brings together the enterprise resilience expected from CommonTime with the flexibility of a bespoke build – ensuring we are able to meet 100% of the requirements of a tailored emergency system. With a simple, clean user interface and a common data structure we can ensure a tight integration to CAD systems allowing the time of volunteers to be directed where it is most important – with the patient.”

First Responders are provided with a log-in screen, which enables them to sign into the application and become available when ready to start a shift. The closest available volunteer to any incident is notified as soon as dispatch operators are made aware. Because the app offers bi-directional communication, responders are able to confirm to dispatch operators that they are on their way with a single tap.

To speed up response times, turn-by-turn navigation guides responders to the incident via the shortest possible route. Locations of nearby defibrillators are displayed for collection during the journey. The app also supports a stand down function, emergency police alarm and detailed patient reports.

Ian Knight, CEO of CommonTime said,

“We have listened to the needs of both organisations involved in emergency response procedures and the volunteers on the ground. First Response has been designed to meet the needs of both – providing a simple, non-intrusive platform to equip first responders with all the information they require. CommonTime recognise the value of their tireless work and have taken great care to develop a solution that supports their efforts.”

The First Response app is capable of working offline – as messages attempt to send until a data connection is found, ensuring a continuous dialogue even in areas of poor connectivity. Detailed patient reports can be loaded to devices for completion once the scene has been cleared, and assessments can be configured to ensure they are relevant to the situation.

Every care has been taken to ensure that First Response is fit for purpose – providing volunteer lifesavers and switchboard operators alike with access to new data, while seamlessly integrating into existing workflows. Additionally, by utilising both WiFi and data connections, First Response is able to overcome the network limitations that impact current SMS and radio based systems.

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