On May 10th 2017, Vodafone announced the withdrawal of their national wide-area paging network. This will take effect on November 30th 2017. All current Vodafone paging customers will need a replacement solution in place before this date – after which all pager services will cease to work.

Vodafone have stated that the withdrawal of the service is to ensure customers continue to benefit from the latest technology, which is becoming increasingly difficult as pagers systems are no longer supported by network vendors. After November 30th, Capita’s Page One Communications will be the only remaining pager service provider in the UK.

Originally, Vodafone had planned to sell remaining contracts to Capita, however, has decided not to due to the costs of an investigation by the Competition and Markets Authority. The CMA extended the investigation due to concerns that, “After the merger, customers could face price rises and reduced quality of coverage.”

What Can You Do?

CommonTime recommends taking this opportunity to explore modern alternatives to ageing pager networks. Our customisable Intelligent Pager solution is designed to work across Android, iOS and Windows mobile devices – removing the need for additional hardware.

CommonTime’s Intelligent Paging systems comprise of a mobile application which can be downloaded to all staff devices, and a desktop console to control messages and alerts.

Why Choose Intelligent Paging?

Smartphone based pager replacements are already being developed & deployed at a number of organisations both in the UK and abroad. These solutions offer important advantages over pager networks:

  • Works across WiFi & GSM with SMS fallback if unavailable
  • Two way communication between staff and operations
  • REST API integration into any amount of back-end software systems
  • Full audit trails and reports on demand for governance purposes
  • Custom routing and workflows to redirect messages/ reduce response times

All CommonTime solutions utilise our secure, configurable Infinity server, which can be installed in the cloud, on-premise or across multiple locations to offer automated load balancing.

You will not need to purchase new or reprogram existing hardware. Additionally, CommonTime will endeavour, where viable, to match existing Vodafone paging network pricing and service levels.

CommonTime is a market leader in cross platform critical communication solutions. We work with major organisations around the world to deliver practical innovations that meet today’s commercial challenges.

Backed by over 20 years of experience, our clients have included South Eastern Rail, TJ Maxx, Carillion and the NHS – to name a few. The applications our clients have deployed have won the Innovation & IT categories of the PEN International, Global Supply Chain and Motor Transport awards.

What Should You Do Next?

To find out more about the CommonTime Intelligent Paging solution, contact our team by email at sales@commontime.com or via telephone on 0845 009 0028. Because CommonTime are a Vodafone enterprise partner, you can also ask your account manager for further information or an introduction.

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