Commercial Partners

Our commercial partners consist of organisations who are transforming existing, traditionally desktop solutions into complete end-to-end mobile applications, alongside those who are looking to mobilise a specific process or task.

With extensive experience of delivering complex, bespoke applications CommonTime can support your existing solutions with mobile product applications tailored to meet any requirement. If there is a defined process or operation where a mobile solution is necessary that your organisation does not have the capability to currently deliver, CommonTime can create and maintain a white labelled, integrated application to perform that task for you.

Similarly, we help organisations create complete mobile versions of existing desktop solutions. Standalone or integrated applications can be created to compliment any existing product portfolio. Contact our team today to discover more about becoming a Commercial partner.



CommonTime is a dedicated partner of Vodafone and we support their Total Workforce Mobility (TWM) solution by developing a range of dedicated mobile applications.

TWM is a suite of mobile applications, technologies and services which help businesses spend less time on administration – and more time doing the job they signed up for.

Our close relationship with Vodafone and agile development capabilities ensures that we remain at the forefront for developing the mobile business applications Vodafone's clients require to ensure efficiencies across their businesses are maximised.

Our applications are easily adapted to suit a range of industries including engineering, blue light, social care, logistics and sales.



Servelec HSC has over 20 years experience in developing clinically-driven, enterprise-wide solutions for use within the NHS and private healthcare organisations and has a software suite that covers Electronic Patient Records, Patient Administration Systems, Patient Flow Bed Management, Clinical Information Systems, e-Observations, e-Prescribing technologies which are fully supported on mobile and Portal solutions.

Our partnership is build upon solid foundations of integration as our Clinical Messaging suite integrates seamlessly with Servelec's solutions most notably their RIO EPR system.  This integration enables our mobile healthcare applications to provide enhanced functionality above and beyond other consumer and enterprise applications.

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