Our solutions are designed to work seamlessly with both Android and iOS devices as standard. In addition, each of our solutions can be easily integrated with other systems in your IT infrastructure, allowing information to flow between our applications and your back-office software effortlessly.

CommonTime technology provides exceptional flexibility to all our customers. Our solutions are compatible with a wide range of devices, and we ensure that our solutions are future proofed to reduce further installation costs. Furthermore, there are no hosting or server restrictions as every deployment can be catered to match your existing IT infrastructure.

Infinity Server

Infinity Server

The CommonTime Infinity Server has been designed to support the complex integration and communication needs of the UK’s largest organisations.

The key benefits of this setup include a clustered structure that supports automatic load-balancing and failover, adherence to all SSL/ TSL best practices and the option between a web-based & command line interface for administration.

Infinity FlowTime

Infinity FlowTime

Our Infinity FlowTime system was developed with the goal of integrating third party data sources into mobile applications. The dynamic workflow creation tool utilises pre-defined logic algorithms to allow for the complex data manipulation required to enable bi-directional data transfers between separate systems.

The smooth transfer of essential data between systems is required by all our clients and Infinity FlowTime ensures that all data is transferred seamlessly and efficiently with reduced capacity for human error.

Infinity Studio

Infinity Studio

The CommonTime Infinity Studio was developed to aid both our internal development teams and our clients to easily develop and deploy enterprise grade apps. The intuitive drag and drop user interface is unique in that it actively facilitates the swift deployment of new apps.

Designed to support agile project development and to rapidly incorporatechange requests, our team can easily assemble prototypes inside the InfinityStudio. All development components and functions are completely flexible and can be added, edited and changed at any point up to when a solution is ready for deployment and go-live.

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CommonTime FlowTime

Infinity DataFlow enables logic based programming & data manipulation for limitless integration possibilities.

Infinity DataFlow is a cutting edge flow-based programming tool developed to integrate seamlessly into the CommonTime technology stack. This means that the Infinity ecosystem is able to take full advantage a the non-blocking, event driven model, ideal for running locally or in a cloud environment.


CommonTime Infinity Server

A Proprietary Messaging & Integration Platform

The CommonTime Infinity Server has been designed to support the complex integration and communication needs of the UK's largest public sector bodies.


CommonTime Infinity Studio

A Next-Gen Development Environment

The CommonTime Infinity Studio has been designed to enable our delivery team to adopt an agile development approach. With a graphical front-end editor and the flexibility to manually edit components, the Infinity Studio provides the perfect environment to both rapidly create prototypes and deploy production-ready solutions.

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